Here we go…

Okay so it has nearly been a week since my last blog post and what a week it has been! There has been allot of emotions in the last week and to sum it up in one word would probably be OVERWHELMED! A week ago starting this course I thought to myself this would be easy, some reading and lesson plans of how to incorporate ICT in the classroom. Well it hasn’t been that at all! In one week alone it took me a hour and a half to set up one blog! It took me hours of reading the content and mapping out my own way of how to get around. So far this course has been very informative but also very time consuming. I thought to myself I was always a bit tech savy but there has been allot of leaning curves so far and it is only the second week! I am sifting through what I need to do and getting there but have decided that to help ease the emotions I will chip away a bit, night by night in between my busy work schedule. So here goes! I can do it!!

Reflection time –

So far I have only just started working through week one but this is because I had some really big learning curves. This semester the big learning curves would be to not avoid what I am having trouble with! I started on my blog and felt that I was getting no where so I skipped and did something else! WRONG! It did not help that in the back of my mind I had to go back and conquer it. I also learnt that if I find something hard or cant figure out something to ASK. ASK Google. ASK the boyfriend. ASK a teacher. ASK someone, doesn’t matter who they are but ask and keep trying. Do not give up and put into the pile of  I will do later. This has been something that has caused me a problem but something I feel like I can work on and have planned to avoid again. Making this plan makes me feel more confident and organised for the semester ahead. I CAN DO THIS!




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