Conceptual Models and the problems they create …

I have been reading through the materials and one point that I would like to reflect on would be the activity we completed in ‘filling in the blanks”. When I read what I had filled in I had a giggle as it didn’t make sense to me at first but after I continued with it. I read on and did a little research myself and actually found this article:

Which ended up being an old post from our lecture. A very interesting read and I could see the link after I completed the activity.

On that note I reflected on conceptual models and how they effect our daily life without us even knowing. When going through the course materials they suggested we do some reflecting on this course so here goes…


How different is this course from previous courses you’ve completed and what are the differences?

This course is different to others  I have completed as it is very involved. There are checks on everything you do and the amount of what you are doing eg. check on these blogs. This course is different as it provides links to other material you are recommended to read and has any ‘easy flow’ where you can work through the material fairly easily. Another difference would be the amount of work required. There is more work as you are keeping in touch with freedly, the blogging and diigo.

How do you feel about these differences?

I personally like this as it makes  students more involved and hence better teachers in the future. While it is harder to keep up when you work full time I believe its important as it will ensure that students are actually learning and understanding the content. I do find some of the content difficult however when I reflect on this it is probably because I am new at using these systems and it takes me allot of time to understand them.


Thanks for reading



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