A Reflection…

  1. What I have been faced with this week’s content: 

With this week’s content there has been allot of work to do. With my high work load at the moment that has faced challenging at times however today is my day to catch up! This week one experience I have thoroughly enjoyed would be the ‘fill in the blanks’ task. I found it very interesting with the answers I filled in and how this was my own misconception based on my current experiences. It brought light to the fact that  my personal experiences base around my current thoughts and idea’s. When reflecting on how this could impact my everyday life I notice that it could have a high impact if not noticed.

2. Reflection on the Survey

  • Do you agree that all of the questions asked are important for studying effectively in an online environment? Why? Why not?

I thought that this survey was very repetitious and that it asked allot of the same questions with just different wording. This was my first initial thought. I did feel that most questions they were asking were of high importance to consider when effectively studying online. I felt this was to get the most out of a subject when your online you have to be very dedicated and have allot of discipline to complete all of the activities. When studying online it is easy to do something else you enjoy then to study.

  • Do you have any weaknesses that you might need to work on?

A weakness of mine with studying online is not allowing other factors overtake my study schedule eg. work and social life. I work long hours and long days which makes it difficult at times to come home and study. This is about finding a balance for me and my lifestyle to ensure that I get the most out of my studying journey.

  • Is there anyway that different ICT might help you address your weaknesses and build on your strengths?

I feel as if they are different ICT out there that may be able to help with with my weaknesses and help build on my strength but I also believe that I have to have the commitment in actively using this ICT to help build that balance. The balance first has to come from me before allowing an ICT to assist.

3. Write a reflective blog post about your experience trying to understand and use the “conceptual modelling” process for solving an ICT problem. Was it useful? A waste of time? Too complex? Could you use it? Why not? 

The experience I was faced when using the ‘conceptual modeling’ process for solving my chosen activity was a great tool for me to do I felt. I was able to ‘solve’ the activity that I felt that I would have had a similar question with previously. It was useful as I could work through a solution that may be able to help another student. I could use this process again in the future.







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