Looking Back…


After working through this week’s content it was suggested to go back and reflect on the past. The past being a unit of work or learning experience that worked at it’s “best”.

“Best” can be defined as the most excellent or desirable type of quality (Google 2016).

One that comes to mind would be a unit of work I taught in a grade one class. The unit was history (which is not my best area). The unit of work that I designed was very hand’s on and suited the children within the classroom really well. They were required to create their own map of a set of legends that I had created. They then had to explain to a peer or the teacher there map. The children were very engaged even with the high ability levels within the classroom.

I designed the lesson to try and suit the wide variety of ability levels within that specific classroom. In that classroom I even had one child who has very low reading abilities, so my inspiration was to try and create a lesson that did not require much reading or words but could base around pictures while also extending the understanding of maps for the higher achievers within the classroom.


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