Goodish Practices

I previously posted about about a learning experience that worked as it’s “best”. This post also reflects on ‘goodish practices’ in the classroom. When thinking about ‘goodish practices’ I can help but agree with Fiona’s blog about how goodish practices is not good enough. Simply getting children to watch a Youtube clip, or a video will not engage them and assist them in the learning. As teachers we need to engage and involve them in the use of programs. Good Practices of ICT and pedagodgy in my opinion as mathletics, interactive whiteboard, reading eggs and study ladder. Using ICT in the classroom is about accessing resources from the school and sometimes from our home. It’s about offering learning that is motivating. To motivate students it needs to look aesthetically pleasing and invite them into learn. Freedman (2011) states that “ICT has been shown to have benefits in terms of motivating pupils. That comes about partly through factors like being able to produce nice-looking work with no teacher’s red marks all over it, and partly because the computer is seen as being impartial and non-judgmental in its feedback to the pupil.”. A blog that also supported my belief of providing aesthetically pleasing ICT withing the classroom was Tahlia’s blog. 


Freedman, T. (2011). 13 Reasons to use educational technology in the classroom. Retrieved March 21, 2016 from



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