My Classroom


Over the few years I have been studying there have been a many different classroom with a variety of differences. These differences start from the differences in children, dynamics, family structure, family involvement, socio-economics, teachers and many more. There is no two same classroom and from this I have learnt allot. I have done professional experience in both state and private schools and no two of these are the same either. During the learning path it asked us to think of our somewhere. My somewhere I guess in my mind is somewhere where I am needed, somewhere I am needed by family and children. Needed to teach, educate, support and engage. ENGAGE. What a wonderful word that I have produced by passion from.

Google (2016) states that to engage is to participate or involve in.

This is something where I currently work has taught me and that I pride myself on. To engage is to support and teach in my opinion. Its the engagements and the relationships that we will build that will best support learning. Without the relationship is a strange lady standing in-front of disinterested and bored children that are not learning anything. The only thing they are learning to to hate education and to learn.

The classroom that I think about is the classroom that I taught more then just subjects or learning areas. I strived to support the holistic development of all children, where we did not just do English or Math but joined them together and also added in ways to build friendships and develop social interactions with these peers. This classroom is one that supported the engagements of children with Ipads, computers and phones. Where they were encouraged to use ICT in the classroom.

Common practices that include ICT and Pedagogy in the classroom have been generally positive ones like mathletics, reading eggs and study ladder. I think these practiced have supported my pedagodgy about including ICT within the classroom as I see the direct benefit to students especially with behavioral/additional needs.

After completing some the of reading paths I found the quote below and found that this is what I guess I believe.


That is why ‘what works’ is not the right question in education. Everything works somewhere, and nothing works everywhere”. – Dylan Wiliam



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