At our fingertips…

“A person is classed as using an ICT if they are controlling it. Watching a DVD is not using the DVD – David Jones Week Three Learning Path

What a interesting quote taken from week three’s learning path. Something I had pondered on over the last few days. Controlling ICT in particular has made me think about how much we are able to control, how much inspires us and how much we continually grow. Thinking about continual growth makes me think about how much I have grown in only the last few weeks so imagine how much more I will learn about. How much could change?

One aspect that I have really learnt about is the endless access to sharing and how this supports our learning. Fiona’s blog  talk’s about Pinterest and how it is a amazing resource sharing website, and it is. But I guess I have not realised it as I just considered it to be apart of the norm. It is only when you stop and realise how much has grown in the last five years that you really question what is at our fingertips and what will be in the near future.



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