Curriculum and Technology

Reflecting on curriculum and the importance of it I have mixed emotions. Curriculum has both good and bad sides I believe. Curriculum is important as it provides a guideline for teachers about what the state feels is important for the students to learn, however I also feel that curriculum traps teachers into what they have to teach and not what the students need to learn. Curriculum can stop flexibility of learning for students especially when they may not have grasped what is being taught yet. Curriculum applies to every classroom no matter where you are. When thinking about curriculum and how technology can support curriculum I believe that if utilized correctly that technology can support curriculum and the teaching process for teachers.


Curriculum does not, I feel, directly link to technology unless the teacher allows this. The teacher has to incorporate technology within the classroom. I found a website from education Victoria where its provides information about technology programs that assist with the implementation of the curriculum. Some of the programs were FUSE, DigiPubs, Digital Deck and Global 2. After reading about programs like these it was interesting to see what is available at the fingertips of the teachers if they seek to find it.

Incorporating ICT within the classroom made me also reflect on how to incorporate ICT into the lives off all children. Currently I work in a long daycare service and it prompted me to think about from an early age how we incorporate ICT within the classroom. A USQ students blog that I read also had incorporated reflection about technology and how it is incorporated into the development of all children’s schooling journey. I found this blog made me reflect deeper about how beneficial and vital it is for students to engage with technology.





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