Why (not) ICT and Pedagogy?

A very interesting question! Why? Why not? How? So many questions come to find when thinking this. When I started this course for young children in particular I felt it was just a ‘babysitting’ tool essentially to keep children quiet and out the way however one thing I have learnt so far is how much it can teach children in the ever changing society we live in currently. If we live in such a technology based world now what will it be like in 10 or 20 years from now? How can we afford not to educate children to learn about ICT.

I completed the concept map in the learning paths and it was a good tool to reflect on about why or why not? I have included a screen shot of my concept map.

concept map.png



A fellow student blogger  wrote about why use ICT and spoke about how it saves on time. This I feel is a great point especially for time poor teachers.

After doing a little more research I read an another fellow student’s blog about the scary side of technology and this I feel is very true. With the ever changing world of technology comes dangers and risks especially if we are allowing our students and children to have access to this sort of technology. This I feel is a great danger and teachers and parents need to guide and support children about learning how to safely use technology and understanding the risks. In everyday life we are at risk so I feel that if taught how to use properly for students and guide students learning that this can be avoided.


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