Assessment Two

I have started making connections into drawing together assessment two for EDC3100. I have written unit plans before so have found this task fairly straight forward. It is nice to be supported however through the weekly books. I have found them fantastic for supporting the student learning.

One aspect I found interesting was the difference between the expectation for teachers in a classroom versus the teaching that occurs at university level education. In a school there is a big emphasis on formative assessment and providing the student with support where in university that sort of feedback is not offered. While I understand why it is not offered I just thought it was a interesting point to reflect on.


Quote I found interesting QCAA says that formative assessment is formal and uses criteria and must include giving formal feedback on specific criteria. General observations, structured questions, and class discussion are not formative assessment. Turning in journals, marking drafts, short quizzes – all with feedback – are formative assessment.


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