ICT in the classroom

I was just revisiting some of the content in week 8 talking about ICT in the classroom and I was thinking about all ICT that is not used in the classroom. A few days ago I climbed Mt Beerwah and on the climb down I was explaining to my friend about this assessment piece. After explain she asked “so what is ICT?” then. My response was I’m glad you asked as I prepared to delve into a hefty conversation about how I feel about ICT in the classroom. Anyway at the end of the conversation I realized how much it was not used in the classroom and still depending on the teacher can still not be used in a classroom.

This led me to research this a little more where I found a fellow student blogger who talks about if ICT just popped up over night! Glad I am not the only one that shares this beleif when entering some classrooms.


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