This blog is in dedication to Miss W’s successful procrastination  blog.

I cannot agree with her even more! I feel as if I am juggling the unjugable (that not a word however I am now making it up). In the last few weeks I have worked 11 hour day five days a week and the other two days I am meant to fit in 3 uni subjects, caring for a small person, social events and juggling to see my partner who spends allot of time away from the home. And that does not even include a massive 4 bedroom two garage 900 square meter home that online inhabits two people, two dogs, a turtle and some awesome chickens!

We had a conversation just this morning about how much more  time I have when he is not here as I can just do and not have so much social interaction! Once this degree is done I think I might be able to come out of my dark corner in the study room and find the light of a social life and will most likely be lost as I have spent so many years in my study corner!


Although this comes down to balance and this is something I am still trying to find. I think one day I might finally find this balance and knowing my luck my degree will be done by then! Ha


Thanks for reading


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