Reflecting on Module Two

As we get further into this unit I have found myself being less stressed and am able to move around the course with more ease. When I first started I was overwhelmed and confused with all the different programs and aspects of this subject. I still have not got the hand of Diigo and I guess I am set in my ways with finding information however I actively use both this blog and freedly and find them a fantastic tool!

This module has hit during both personal and work life struggles so I have found it hard to complete the tasks each week however I have finalised working through the module and am on the finishing touches of my assessment piece that I will hand in later today.

I have started to come to the realisation that it is okay to struggle but it is the way you deal with the struggle and continue to reach and meet your goals is the important learning part.

To finalise this assessment piece I ended up choosing year 3 english as a little challenge. Hopefully it pays off and I receive a decent mark 🙂


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