Will you take my lollypop?

After engaging with the course content I came across a pathway that described the importance about acknowledging of what you post online. I have always been weary about what I put on social media however after engaging in this website . It really topped it off. Firstly due to the risk of potentially employment in the future and now secondly due to the risk you could potentially be putting yourself in.

Another reflective process I have gone through is the importance of educating children about their safety on the internet. As a teacher it is crucial we are educating about how to conduct cyber safety. A good resource would be the website I blogged earlier about.


Reflection on prac

It has been a week now since finishing prac and what a great experience this one was. Not only have I learnt so much in teaching strategies but also into how to accommodate differentiated learning. Being such a little school it was interesting to see how they incorporate their ICT into the classrooms. The children within the school do not have many resources to explore ICT outside of school so incorporating it into the lessons were interesting and kept it different. This worked really well during the placement and kept children on task and motivated. I would loved to have incorporated a little more  ICT exploration however time restraints with assessment lurking caused some issues. I still learnt allot and am very thankful for the time I was given in this school.

Ways to incorporate one technology device

A very interesting fellow bloggers  article talks about different ways to incorporate only one device into the classroom. Prior to this course I probably would have thought it was unfair to just use one so dont bother. However after reading this article it gave a great insight into how to incorporate only one device into the classroom. As a teacher I think it is really important to consider how to incorporate all the different teaching styles to accommodate all of the different learners styles and needs. This is our role. Without a passionate teacher to follow through this what system do we have?

That is why my goal across this course is to understand how to incorporate technology better into the classroom


Cyber Quiz Part Two


Describe “the issues and strategies available to support the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching”;

I believe the issues is to ensure children are engaging so they can understand and learn how to be safe online and the strategy to ensure this would be to allow them to engage in these experiences in classrooms

Identify your PE site’s existing policies and processes related to the safe, responsible, and ethical use of ICT in learning and teaching;

There were no policies put in place other then a set of rules for children to abide by.

Describe what ICT skills are required of your learners by your curriculum; and,

Using technology

Applying technology

Understanding technology


Cyber Quiz

A very interesting resource that has been designed for children. This would be an excellent teaching tool for teachers to implement when educating children about cyber safety.


The link for this website is: https://www.esafety.gov.au/kids-quiz/


I had a try and it was very interesting to see the different answer. Like David Jones (our lecturer) I got 22 out of 25. The two areas I got wrong were to delete a bullying email and to allow your parents to look through your online school account. Originally I would have thought these were appropriate however after exploring the website they encouraged for children to keep bully emails to use as evidence and to NOT allow parents to go through their childs account without them being there. A very interesting answer for the second part of the question


A very exciting time for me! This time I feel as if it is so much more exciting as I have so much to do with so little time. I could not be found a prac school in brisbane so I opted to take the challenge and go rural! Finding out on Thursday was not ideal but had to be done as I HAD to go on this prac 🙂 So today as I finalize packing my house up, packing what I think I will need for three weeks and saying goodbye to my family (including the four legged ones) I look forward to this adventure. I am placed in a very small school with two teachers, 14 students in my composite class and little technology I look forward to seeing some of the best sides of QLD’s rural schooling community.


Wish me luck xo

Stress and last minute decisions

I still do not have a practical placement confirmed yet and have been ringing and chasing it all week! I understand the scale of the placements that the practical placement office have so I can understand the difficulty they have faced in finding all these practical placement in schools. They were looking at pushing back my practical placement dates however I cannot do this due to work. I mentioned that I have family who live in Belle however now I am concerned that this will make my practical placement more challenging as I have to incorporate ICT within my lessons plans. The school that I have researched has from what  I can tell on their website. I am really looking forward to doing doing a practical placement at this school. My goal now is to work out how I can make doing this practical placement and completing my assignment work together.


Wish me luck